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Can my bill be paid automatically?

There are two ways to have your sewer bill paid automatically (these options are only available to customers who are billed directly by Rogue Valley Sewer Services):

  1. Through recurring payments in your online account using your debit or credit card.  Click here for "How do I Activate Recurring Payments?" The amount paid through recurring payments will be the total account balance at the time the recurring payments are processed.  If you have previously been paying using the autopay through your bank, please contact RVSS to cancel that service. If your credit card expires, the payment will not be made.  Please remember to replace your card information on the payment site prior to expiration and/or your billing date to continue your autopay without disruption.
  2. Auto Pay through your bank if your account is single family residential being billed monthly or quarterly (click here for the auto pay application in pdf format).