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General Q&As

Yes.  You may pay your sewer bill using your credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) via our payment site, at the office, or over the phone.  Your customer account number is required to register your account online, pay online without registering, or to pay by phone at 541-727-0234.  All other services can be paid via credit or debit card in the office only.

A STEP system is a Septic Tank Effluent Pump system, and a STEG system is a Septic Tank Effluent Gravity system. These systems hold the solid waste and transport the liquid waste from your house to our mainline using a pump (STEP) or by gravity flow (STEG).  An E-1 Grinder Pump sends all waste from the building to the public sewer.

Yes! Call 541-727-0234 and follow the instructions.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit cards.  You can also access the payment system by calling 541-664-6300 and pressing 1.  You need your nine-digit sewer account number in order to pay.

Payment options for sewer accounts include paying online or over the phone by credit/debit card;  to a drop box or to our office; and paying automatically either online for using your credit or debit card or from your checking or savings account available to our monthly and quarterly residential customers . Click here for the Auto Pay form in pdf format.  Payments for all services can be made in the office or through the mail.

There are two ways to have your sewer bill paid automatically (these options are only available to customers who are billed directly by Rogue Valley Sewer Services):

  1. Through recurring payments in your online account using your debit or credit card.  Click here for "How do I Activate Recurring Payments?" The amount paid through recurring payments will be the total account balance at the time the recurring payments are processed.  If you have previously been paying using the autopay through your bank, please contact RVSS to cancel that service. If your credit card expires, the payment will not be made.  Please remember to replace your card information on the payment site prior to expiration and/or your billing date to continue your autopay without disruption.
  2. Auto Pay through your bank if your account is single family residential being billed monthly or quarterly (click here for the auto pay application in pdf format).  

You can check your sewer account balance and history from the "My Account" tab or the home screen of our website. You must first register using your email address and Customer Number off of your bill. If you need to see where your Customer Number is located, there is a sample bill on the registration page. If you have already registered, click on "Customer Page" or "Pay Your Sewer Bill Now" on the "My Account tab or "Sewer Bill Pay, Account Access, Ebill Options" button on the Home page.  If you have your nine-digit sewer account number, you can get your account balance at any time at 541-727-0234. You can also call our office during business hours at 541 664-6300 or 541 779-4144 to obtain information on any of your RVSS accounts.

Although fees vary depending on where your development is located and what type of development you are planning, the fee summary on the Permits & Fees page lists our Sewer service and Stormwater quality rates for residential and commercial properties and development fees for a single family residence in all of the areas we serve. For actual fees for your specific property/development, please contact our office at 541 664-6300.

RVSS collects sewer system development charges for the three components of the sewer system: the collection system--the sewer into which your property directly ties; the interceptor--the large pipe into which the collection system flows; and the Regional Treatment Plant. If your development is within the city limits of Medford, you will pay the fee associated with the Regional Treatment Plant to Medford and the rest to RVSS.  Other systems development charges that you may have paid include those for storm drain, roads, and parks--for which RVSS does not collect.

The Stormwater fee collected by RVSS supports the Stormwater Quality program mandated under the Federal Clean Water Act.  This program is intended to protect and improve the quality of the water entering the streams from the more densely populated areas.  Areas included in this program were determined based on residential density, not access to public storm drains.  Click here for more information on our Stormwater program.  Rogue Valley Sewer Services charges an additional fee to Phoenix and Talent customers on behalf of those cities.  The revenue from those fees is passed through to Phoenix and Talent.

RVSS issues sewer permits for unincorporated areas of Jackson County, Jacksonville, Shady Cove, Eagle Point, White City, Central Point, Phoenix, and Talent. If the development is within the City of Medford and a new tap is required to an RVSS sewer line, RVSS will issue the tap permit, and the City of Medford will issue the permit to construct the service line. 

RVSS performs the inspections on sewer service lines if the permit is issued by RVSS. 

Billing, customer service, and engineering questions can be answered by calling the front office at 541-779-4144 or 541-664-6300. If you are experiencing blockage or backups with your system, call the maintenance office at 541-779-4186.

RVSS has drawings of many of our customers' service lines (pipes connected to the public sewer). These drawings can be picked up at our office or sent to you via fax, e-mail, or US Mail.  

We recommend calling a professional plumber first. If your sewer is found to be clear all of the way to the sewer maintained by RVSS, contact us at (541) 779-4186.

The landowner is. RVSS maintains the mainlines within our service area. The mainlines are the pipes that run down the street(s), your service line starts at the connection to our mainline.

In most cases the property owner is responsible for maintaining the sewer pump on their property. RVSS does maintain a handful of the STEP and STEG systems throughout the service area. If you are unsure if RVSS maintains yours, the best thing to do is call RVSS before calling someone else to make any repairs. We will be able to tell you if the pump system on your property is one that we maintain.