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Stormwater Community Education

Public Education

As a part of meeting the requirements of the Clean Water Act permit held by RVSS, we educate residents within our jurisdiction to protect water quality. Towards this end, RVSS partners with several local entities including Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District, Rogue Valley Council of Governments, and the Rogue River Watershed Council to develop and deliver programs and materials to help residents understand how they can reduce polluted runoff.

Contact us at 541-664-6300 if you are interested in Stormwater education for your group or event. We can design a program that will meet your audience's interests, whether they are adults or children.

A series of educational brochures on Stormwater quality topics are available for your use.  Hard copies can be obtained from RVSS.


Protecting Storm Drains 
Stormwater Management of the Bear Creek Valley
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
Creeks and Concrete Don't Mix
Painting Without Polluting
Taking Care of Streams in Jackson County
Stream and Wetlands Enhancement Guide
Oil and Stormwater
Landscaping Brochure

Stream Smart



"Stream Smart" is a project undertaken with our partners to provide lots of great information and resources on how individuals can influence the quality of Stormwater runoff, to provide "Cool, Clean Water for Life".


For Educators:

Stormwater ModelStormwater Model - RVSS has a model and activities perfect for demonstrating what a watershed is, where stormwater runoff flows and where pollution comes from in a watershed.

We enjoy talking about water and watersheds and can come to your classroom or event.

Contact us at 541-664-6300 to schedule a date.

Salmon WatchSalmon Watch – RVSS provides funding and assists in coordinating this field program aimed at teaching upper elementary and middle school students about salmon biology and habitat and how they are affected by Stormwater pollution.

Classes are typically offered in the fall and held at a streamside location so students can view migrating salmon.

Contact us at 541-664-6300 to find out about availability.

Public Involvement

RVSS maintains active membership in the following organizations with the aim of staying informed of and participating in legislation, events and happenings at the state and local level that impact Stormwater management.

  • Stormwater Action Team (SWAT)- consists of local permitted communities
  • Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies Stormwater Committee

Illicit Discharge Detection and EliminationIllicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

RVSS conducts creek walks in the summer to identify sources of pollution in our creeks. When a source can be identified, RVSS works to eliminate it. RVSS also responds to illicit dumping into the Stormwater system. If you see pollution entering a Stormwater drain or creek, contact RVSS at 541-664-6300.

Post-Construction Stormwater ManagementPost-Construction Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff from developments that have been built since 2007 must be managed to remove sediment, oil and grease. See the Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual page for more information on Stormwater management requirements. RVSS maintains mechanical Stormwater features located in the right-of-way.