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To open the maps click on the map picture. To return to the maps page, click the back arrow on your browser. 

To return to the RVSS website home page, click the link or RVSS logo on the map page.  

Contact RVSS at 541-664-6300 if you have questions.

Service Map

Service Map

RVSS sewer lines, stormwater Phase II boundary, and other information is available for viewing on this map.  Zoom in or enter an address to see if sewer is nearby or if the property is within the stormwater Phase II boundary.  Remember, any work on the sewer requires a permit.  

Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development Map

Map and photos of Stormwater Management Features that allow runoff to soak into the ground removing pollutants before the water reaches our streams and rivers. 

Capital Projects

Picture of Sewer Construction Site

The location of current capital projects can be found on this map as well as details about each project.