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Stormwater Submittal Requirements

RVSS Stormwater Quality Incentive Policy *New*

RVSS has adopted a Stormwater incentive policy to encourage the use of Low Impact Development methods for Stormwater management. Funding is available for eligible Stormwater management plan development and construction.  Private projects are eligible for up to $10,000 and projects initiated by RVSS' co-implementers are eligible for up to $50,000 in funding.

Stormwater Plan Submittal and Review Process:


  • Stormwater management plans, in compliance with Chapter 6 of the Design Manual, may be submitted to RVSS simultaneously with erosion and sediment control plans and sewer design plans. RVSS will not issue approval for a project until all elements meet RVSS standards. 
    • Do not submit plans for review via CD.
    • Draft plans for review by RVSS will be accepted by email or uploaded to our ftp site. Send files to and If you load plans to the ftp site, you must email the Stormwater Program Manager that plans have been loaded.
  • RVSS will review all submitted materials and a comment letter will be sent to the design engineer.
  • An invoice for project review and inspection fees, including 1200-C/CN fees, will also be sent.
  • Prior to final approval, a Design Review and Inspection Agreement must be signed by the developer and plan review and inspection fees must be paid. 
  • Final plans for RVSS are to be submitted electronically via email or ftp.


  • Private projects for review by City of Medford must be uploaded to Eplans. Call the Building Department to set up an account, 541-774-2350.